Friday, July 23, 2010


So, despite stuffing ourselves to the gills with the 5-ways lechon, there was always room for dessert. Right? :D

First: the glasses

On board was Chef Claude's halo-halo (literally "mix-mix" in English), which is "basically a mixture of sweet preserved beans (red beans, chick peas), coconut meat (macapuno), jackfruit (langka), pounded dried rice (pinipig), sweet yam (ube), cream flan (leche flan), shreds of sweetened plantain (saba), filled with crushed ice, milk (or coconut milk); and topped with ice cream." (courtesy of

Second : the ingredients

Chef Claude smilingly quipped that this halo-halo was special, because he served it only when our tour guide Spanky was around. (Little-known factoid: Spanky is one of Metro Manila's most eligible bachelors. For all ladies, please message me privately should you want a date with him. Jejeje :D)

Seriously though, what made it extra delicious was the use of carabao milk. It gave the halo-halo that full, rich, creamy (never-mind-it's-fattening) taste.


Of course, if there was halo-halo, the leche flan could not be far behind! It was also made using carabao milk.

Yup, you guessed right. Our group demolished, annihilated and utterly wiped out the leche flan from its yummy existence from the face of the galaxy, constellation and universe!!

All in all, a fitting way to cap off a great meal.

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(Many thanks to Femme P. and Leslie Perez for the wonderful food photos)