Sunday, August 26, 2012


Yours truly was in Lipa City, Batangas during the last weekend, to compete in a sporting event. (Yeah, i play sports when not busy eating, haha)

 Lipa has developed rapidly in recent years, if we are to go by the huge shopping malls flanking the main highway, as well as the presence of the ubiquitous coffee chains. Yup, Starbucks, Figaro and CBTL are all present and accounted for in this neck of the woods. Not to mention the local chain Cafe de Lipa, which prides itself in serving only coffee from the Liberica (Barako) bean. Definitely, much stronger (and keeps you awake longer) than the usual Arabica stuff.

After a long, tiring day at the competition, we went out to search for dinner. Having previously heard of Casa Marikit, we were given very clear directions by the hotel staff, and off we (meaning D'Ir, M-Fil, and moi) went.

Here's the signage to look out for:

 (Below) Exterior shot of Casa Marikit. Looks lovely, as though one is about to step into another world. 

 If you thought the exteriors were nice, wait till you get inside! To be very un-PC, the immediate reaction was, "How could something so nice and fancy be located in Lipa?" Haha!

Having arrived late (around 9 PM) and famished from the day's exertions, we quickly ordered. The menu was extensive, and it was rather difficult to choose amongst the pizza and main courses, as they all seemed so yummy.

First up was the Pizza Rustica - fresh mozarella with mushrooms, onions, Italian Sausage and rosemary. The crust was thin and crispy, and whilst it looked quite different from how i envisioned it to be, i liked it a lot. D'Ir and M-Fil didn't dig it so much, though.

Next was our Seafood Fettucine, which proved to be quite tasty. And filling!

Last dish was the Pollo (Chicken), and i think we all agreed it was the best one we ordered. Unfortunately, i do not remember the name of this dish; but the chicken comes with tomato slices and arugula, and was doused in thick cheese sauce. Admittedly quite a heavy dish, but quite delicious as well!!! :D

And dig the mosaic wall art right in front of their sink! Totally lovely.

So, by the end of our dinner, we were all stuffed; and M-Fil had to be prodded to finish the last piece of shrimp on the pasta dish.

The verdict was unanimous: We all loved Casa Marikit's ambiance (M-Fil described it as "homey"). We all loved the food; and the serving sizes of the pasta and chicken  were generous, being good enough for 2 persons to share.

As for the damage, Casa Marikit is definitely a bit pricey, but not up to Manila levels. Our total bill (including 2 Lavazza coffees, service charge and taxes) amounted to PHP1,800.00++. Very good value, in my opinion.

The staff was courteous and friendly, and didn't seem to mind at all that we had overstayed past their closing time, as it was nearly 11 PM when we left, staggering with full stomachs back to the car.

Definitely worth a return visit!

(All photos courtesy of Irwin Cruz)

Casa Marikit Ristorante Italiano
Banay-Banay, Concepcion, Lipa City, Batangas
(in front of 300 yards Driving Range Fernando Airbase)
Phone : (043) 312-0454
Mobile : (0917) 869-2354
Restaurant Hours : 11AM - 3PM and 6PM - 10PM