Sunday, March 12, 2006

G.U.S. NITPICKS!! (v. 2)


It is funny that there are so many restos in the metropolis, yet i'm hard-pressed to name that one resto which i would go back to again and again, simply because a) i like the food; b) it's the old stand-by, the place you eat in if you can't think (or are too lazy) to consider somewhere else. Perhaps closest is Teriyaki Boy, but they seem to have deteriorated a little bit recently.

So when my bubbly friend S. from the City of Pines was in town recently, i let her choose the venue for our dinner. Turns out she has this wish list of restos to check out, and to tick one off her list, we decided to venture forth to Bollywood in Greenbelt 3.

I enjoyed my strawberry lassi very much, but she made a wry grimace when she tasted her mango lassi. Haha :D
The free papadum was rather disappointing, and our roti was kinda lacking in flavor. I insisted on ordering the lamb kofta (lamb in meatball form), and ended up eating it all. The first piece is fantastic, but the law of diminishing returns kicks in quite quickly and i couldn't bear to look at the last kofta towards the end.

We also got the murgh makhani (chicken), and rogan josh (mutton swimming in spices), both best-sellers as claimed by the staff. S. made this funny joke about rogan josh and Josh Groban. . .oo nga naman :-d
And we got into this confusing semi-debate about mutton and beef and which animal it was that no motorist in India could run over and who is the god of the Hindus and who Gandhi was and. . .you get the drift.

Anyways, back to the food. The chicken was overwhelmed by its sauce, which tasted mainly of tomatoes. And josh groban? Passable but not earthshaking. All in all, extremely disappointing and we will definitely NOT be returning any time this millennium.

I'd advise anyone who reads this post/semi-review to eat instead at Queens Garden Resto along Jupiter St.. Food is much nicer, at more reasonable prices to boot. Now if i can convince S. to put this resto on her wish
list. . . .

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christine said...

The food in Bollywood is alright, but you're paying more for the ambience. If you want really good authentic food I recommend Swagat on Rada St. It's a hole in the wall but they serve some of the best Indian dishes in the country! The number is 7525569/8882560. Enjoy :)