Tuesday, April 03, 2007

(Conclusion of the Shanghai series)

While riding a taxi (the drivers in Shanghai absolutely don't speak any English, by the way) on the way to the business meetings, etc., we passed by this. . . .ahh, i'm not quite sure what to call it, so let's call it IT for now.

So what is IT? I asked the taxi driver, the hotel doorman / bellhop / concierge, the president of one of the Chinese companies we deal with, anybody. . . and no one really knew! (Or perhaps i just didn't understand what they were saying in Mandarin, haha)

So what is IT? Here's my theory (and i'm convinced i am absolutely right):

This is a ultra-high-tech satellite dish the Chinese government is using, to spy on and intercept classified information from US and Russian satellites in space.

Why? Because the Chinese government is in cahoots with the leaders of Planet Mars. They will give the classified info to Mars, who will use it to conquer other planets in galaxies far far away.

And what does the Chinese government get in turn? Proven technology from Mars to stop global warming (remember, the reason Martians are red is because they have been deep-fried by UV rays for centuries, and they're still alive and kicking), which will make them dominate Earth.

The Martians are coming! Soon! With vengeance in their red eyes!
Don't say i didn't warn you.


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啊,很有意思! :-D

Bubble Wrap said...

IT is insane