Thursday, December 13, 2007

(Scenes from Shanghai, Part 1)

Spent a few days in Shanghai last month for work-related reasons. I know i should not even start whining about how difficult it is to get around, etc., since the locals' grasp of English is rudimentary, at best.

So i won't. But i managed to capture some signs, which are purportedly in English and whose meaning escape me at the moment. Here goes:

(Above) Saw this at one of the booths in the exhibition i visited.

I'm not sure if the writer has a wonderful child-like sense of discovery, or if he has wanderlust. Or both?

(Above) Check out this sign posted inside the elevator of the hotel i stayed in, plugging their coffee shop.

So, i hope the plastic sculpture doesn't fall on you while you enjoy the cup of coffee . . . in the atrium, or in the city center? Or the atrium is in the city center?

Anyway, check this site for more not-quite flawless Chinglish!

1 comment:

Char said...

I looove Chinglish!!!

Will be dropping by Shanghai next month. I didnt see that adult store last year ha!