Saturday, September 11, 2010


Thanks to the long weekend, i went to the City of Gentle People (yes, it's Dumaguete) with the Happy Gang. Will NOT be blogging much about the trip....hey, it was a vacation!?! :D

The locals were indeed very gracious people, and we all had a jolly time eating and taking photos and driving our guide crazy with our oddball requests, and more eating and drinking....and some whining about how boats tend to sink (courtesy of yours truly), and yet more eating.

Here's a rather disturbing development though.

If you look at the photo below closely enough, the giant burger-cum-alien spaceship has moved and is about to drop itself directly onto the customer!

Oh dear. Paging NASA!!!

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Koryn said...

hey, nice blog! i especially like the tagline "life is too short to work on saturdays".

will link you up! :)