Wednesday, October 12, 2011


(This is the start [and possibly the end] of a series of posts regarding my recent trip to Amsterdam-Paris-London. Yes, dear reader, i have been slacking off big time)

Rushing to catch a connecting flight in the gigantic Schipol airport, with barely enough time to wolf down a cold sandwich and soda lunch before boarding, does not do much to put one in a good mood.

But while making a quick stop a the toilet before my flight, look at what i saw:

See it? No? Here's a close-up look below:

Yup, i could hardly believe my eyes either. The Dutch (the very same people who buy and smoke marijuana legally in 'coffeeshops', and make the Red Light District in Amsterdam a tourist spot for tour groups and families) have engraved a "fly" right on the porcelain bowl.

Apparently, there are scientific studies that show that: a) Men like to imagine themselves hitting on flies whilst they pee; and b) Putting a fly as a fixed target improves aim, and reduces the amount of pee that lands on everywhere else except into the bowl.

Simple, cheap and elegant solution, eh? Environment-friendly, to boot. Not to mention fun. :D Pretty fantastic, i'd say.

Whoever thought this one up, there must be something good in the pot they're smoking.

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Dimpy said...

I just assumed this was the reason, but glad to have it confirmed that there's a scientific explanation for the fly on the urinal. On other models, its a ladybug.

biningshao said...
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