Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bandar Seri Begawan (Part 3): Good Eats

I forgot to mention that the main reason we were in Brunei was to compete in a sports event. Basically, my teammates took care of the winning (gold and silver in their respective events), whilst i focused on the eating (arrangements, that is) :D  

I'm actually pleased as punch that we got to have some good eats, considering we were just in BSB for 4D3N!

Here's some of the memorable meals we had: 

1. Alter Ego Fusion Cafe

We literally stumbled upon this new (just 2 months old), gorgeous-looking cafe, having gotten lost looking for another restaurant (more on this later) and were super famished.

The interiors were pretty interesting. Eclectic. Here below is their piece de resistance. I don't know about you, but in an instant, i felt like i was transported to a cafe in Amsterdam. I love this love this love this.

 Their food was pretty good, too! We ordered some rice bowls, which proved to be quite filling; as well as the Chicken Wings appetizer, full of flavour and nicely presented.


 2. Sate House

Now, this was the resto we were looking for! Our taxi driver couldn't find it (despite calling the resto 3X), hence we ended up at Alter Ego.

Undaunted, we tried again the next night. And this time, our taxi driver "Uncle" [check his calling card in my previous post] easily found it. 

We ordered the ff: Ayam Bakar (Grilled chicken marinated in homemade sauce), which looked good and was finger-licking good!

The Sate Kambing (Lamb Satay) was delicious, too.

 But the best dish, IMHO, was the beef ribs (sorry, forgot the local name). Falling off the bone tender!

 3. Kaizen Sushi

Before the trip, i checked out reviews of local restos and Kaizen Sushi tended to be described as the most posh Japanese resto in BSB. Which meant we had to visit it :D 

Location was along along the waterfront of the Brunei River (not that there's a lot to see on the river), and it looked every inch a classy joint. Spiral staircase led to the main dining areas; and upon our request, the staff graciously allowed us to seat at a tatami table. 

We ordered a lot of food (the hungry athletes that we were *cough*).   Salmon sashimi always hits the spot. 

Spider rolls proved to be crunchy. 

Beef with pepper sauce.

Classic Ebi tempura.


Beef rolls with vegetables. Extremely good. 

Kamameshi rice. It takes around 20 minutes to cook at the table. 

Oh, here's all of us looking famished despite eating all that food. ;-D

Despite its high-end reputation, i felt the prices at Kaizen Sushi can be considered reasonable.

4. Piccolo Cafe

We took a leisurely post-prandial walk along the waterfront, and came upon this cafe. This was amongst the cafes recommended to me by local food/coffee blogger Coffee Girl BN.

Their mascot is so cute, no?  Piccolo is known for its specialty, the Lavender Latte (below). Basically regular cafe latte with some bits of lavender on the top.

The lavender taste is subtle (no, you won't feel as though you were drinking lavender lotion), and it wasn't too sweet. 

Their waffle and New York style cheesecake are good options to go with your coffee as well. 

Sate House Brunei 

Kaizen Sushi
FB: Kaizen-Sushi-Japanese-Restaurant-Waterfront-BSB

Piccolo Cafe
IG: piccolocafebn

Alter Ego Fusion 
FB: alteregofoods

Coffee Girl BN 
IG: coffeegirlbn

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