Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Slanted Charm

**(GUS) I'm temporarily turning the floor over to my friend Sunshine Nugget, who wrote about our fun, fun dinner together recently. Thanks, Fenny, for the wonderful pics! **


Grumpyurbanslacker said that he wanted to try Vietnamese when he comes to visit. After much planning and research, he decided that he wanted to try The Slanted Door. Right after he decided I called up to make reservations. It was a month ahead but all the preferred time were booked so we settled on a Sunday night at 7:45pm. We couldn't believe how packed the place was! GUS joked that the place resembled a bus transit station. As usual, I couldn't decide what to eat so he made all the decisions.

**Note from GUS: I think the reason you couldn't decide what to order was because, in your words, the menu was more French than Vietnamese!**


We started with the appetizer, the slanted door springrolls.


Then seared dayboat scallops with mango, toasted lemongrass and spicy fish sauce. I really liked this one very much! The scallops were cooked just right and I really liked the fresh and pickled mango. Was so glad that we ordered this over the others!


For the main course we tried the grilled ranch brother's berkshire pork chop. I know GUS loves pork! My oh my, it was really good, I really like chewing on the ribs but I don't know what GUS thought of my dinning etiquette and I didn't care to check with him and used my hand. Haha..


And the grass fed estancia shaking beef. We have no idea why it's called the shaking beef and we forgot to ask the waitress. But the beef was good and I really enjoyed the watercress in lime sauce! Haha.... I was ready to go to bed after being so contented with the meal... Hehe..


But we couldn't leave just like that, so GUS ordered the Vietnamese drip coffee. It was a tad too sweet for me but he loved it. **Note from GUS: It was fantastic noh!! :D**


I was really full and we couldn't even finish our main courses but GUS had to entice me into ordering a dessert. Good call GUS, because we orderd the almond milk tapioca. Oh my god, it was really awesome. I could just come to this place again just for this dessert and nothing else! The brown thing is puree kabocha and the white part is tapioca in almond milk and the grapes were garnished with caramelized almond I think. Bottom line is I like this dessert! Yummy!

I had such a great time and towards the end of the meal I was laughing so much, I hope the food wasn't spiked with happy substance that's why we all loved it so much! Hehe...

Thanks GUS for the wonderful time!! :)

**The Slanted Door is located at
1 Ferry Building, #3 San Francisco, CA 94111. Tel 415.861.8032 for reservations**


-=K=- said...

I died when I saw the picture of the spring rolls! Yummmmmyyyyy! I was about to tell you na i-date mo naman ako dyan. Haha. Sa cali pala. LOL! Why didnt you take a picture of the door? Was it really slanted? Hehe.

Nimmy said...


Eve from telecom news said...

the drip coffee is exotic..
thumb up!! :-)

grumpyurbanslacker said...

hey everyone, thanks for dropping by! :D

K - nope, the door WASN'T slanted! haha.
Nimmy - food was indeed yummy! to quote Gen. McArthur, i (hope i) shall return! :D
Eve - the drip coffee was good, sana nga unlimited servings pero hinde.

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