Monday, December 09, 2013

NO PAELLA, POR FAVOR: (Part 2) Hamma' Time in Granada

Granada was quite a picturesque place, with the 'star' attraction being the Alhambra (well worth the visit, i must say). There is a bus service that deposits one right on the main entrance, although it is not so far from the city center as one would think; and can actually be reached on foot, if one doesn't mind a bit of exercise.

And a good place to relax and unwind afterwards would be in the 'Hammam'  (Arab Baths).

Check out the cozy reception area, and the skylight.

One does have to make a reservation ahead of time, and wear a bathing suit while inside the actual bath area (fear not if you didn't bring one, they will sell you one for EUR12.00!)

One can avail of the complete 'ritual', composed of: the baths (hot, lukewarm and cold pools); relaxing massage; and the 'traditional' massage using a Kessa glove and red grape soap; or you can pick and choose which service(s) you like. 

Some things to bear in mind: The massage lasts only 15 minutes (yes, 15 minutes). So if you are used to 60- or 90-minute massages,  you might feel short-changed. Also, there is no fixed sequence as far as using the facilities are concerned. Depending on the number of other guests, etc., you might get called for your massage at the start, and just take your time dipping in the pools afterwards. Or vice versa. 

The baths area is co-ed, by the way (i can imagine my salacious-minded readers licking their lips already, tsk tsk). As if one can see anything much in the relative darkness.

And the cold pool is really, really, really cold!

(Photo above) No, this is not the toilet, hehe. It is where one disposes of used bath towels.

And after that relaxing time spent in the baths, relax further with cups of their mint tea. Quite refreshing, i must say.

HAMMAM ANDALUS GRANADA is located at C/ Santa Ana, 16 (a few steps away from the Tourist Information Office). More information on opening times, rates and services at 

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