Sunday, December 15, 2013


(Above) De Locos' signage, and our guide at the window.

Next stop of the tour was Ronda, the most famous of the pueblos blancos (white towns) in Andalucia. Ronda also happens to be the birthplace of bullfighting in Spain, so a visit to the Plaza de Toros (a bullring cum museum) is definitely in order.

Also not a bad way to spend some time is the Museo del Bandolero, a blatantly romanticized homage to notorious bandits such as Luis Candela, etc. 

As recommended by our guide, our group took a leisurely stroll past the tourist sites and leather goods stores, and came upon De Locos' quaint facade some fifteen minutes away from the town center.

This small tapas place is run by owner-chef Guillermo and his wife. Guillermo bore quite an uncanny resemblance to the actor Sylvester Stallone, but proved to be much more jovial and gregarious than his doppelganger.  He regaled us with jokes (some of the green variety), and explain their menu in detail.

(Above) Guillermo taking down our orders.

Here's some photos i had taken of our meal, and i must say they do not do justice to the tapas and desserts, which ranged from very good to great to simply awesome! 

Salmon Sashimi

Moroccan lamb

Smoked fish salad

(Sorry, i forgot what fish this was! :( )

Carpaccio with parmesan ice cream

Here's a closer look at the parmesan ice cream, which was the bomb! :D i could've inhaled a tub of this in one go, haha. 

Iberian pork sirloin


Gin and tonic ice cream

Too bad the Mojito ice cream was out of stock! We wanted to try it as well.

According to chef Guillermo, their resto has been around for 16 months. Judging from the taste,  quality and presentation of the food, i'm very sure they'll be around for a very long time!

Here's Guillermo saying goodbye to us! 

De Locos Tapas is located at Arquitecto Pons Sorolla, 7, Ronda. Check out their website at, or on Facebook.


Eric said...

were those anchovies?

grumpyurbanslacker said...

ah,it's smoked tuna! :D